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Apex Familiar

Apex Familiar

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It all comes down to this.

The Council of Merlins is no more and with its fall, the imminent war of Houses has been delayed. Thomas and House Khatt are going to need that borrowed time to replicate his draconic link; finally delivering on his promise to unshackle familiars from permanent bonds to their magi. On the very night they succeed, the war arrives.

The entirety of House Erebus is coming to reclaim the casino Thomas and House Khatt call home. Worse yet, an old enemy is manipulating time itself to dash any hope of victory. To confront him, Thomas must make a deal with Weaver, an ancient spider goddess, regardless of the consequences to his body and mind because if he loses this fight, nothing else will matter.

In this final book of the Freelance Familiars series, secrets will be revealed, buildings shattered, and a bloody battle fought in the past and present to determine the future of the world. Join Thomas Khatt as he finds out what it takes to be an Apex Familiar.


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