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First three Full Moon Medic Paperbacks

First three Full Moon Medic Paperbacks

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Abby Night is the world’s first Werewolf.

She wanted to survive an encounter with the undead and the moon goddess answered.

Now Abby must chart her own path between humanity and the starving creatures that are creeping through the cracks in the seals they’ve been lock behind.

While she fights to protect both her loved ones and the citizens of the city she must determine what it means to be both human and wolf.

Instinctively she knows two things. To survive, she needs a pack and a territory.  Everything else is up to her. Who does she share the moon’s gift with? Does she hide in the shadow’s or does she demand tribute from humans who live within her territory? Abby is a compassionate paramedic but how far does that extend to humans with guns and silver bullets come for her and her adopted child?

Abby must to choose what sort of monster she’s become. That’s the long arc of the Full Moon Medic and with each book, the choices get harder as more and more magic seeps back into the world.

Come with her as she explores the blurred line between humanity and monstrosity. This gripping series will keep you reading long into the night – start the Full Moon Medic today!


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