Off Leash Audiobook

Hear the story straight from the cougar’s mouth.

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We all have bad days. Ever have one so bad that it changes your entire life?

Thomas just wants a simple, stable existence, but saddled with unemployment, an absentee girlfriend, and the impending unpaid rent, change is hurtling down on him whether he likes it or not. Following the sudden murder of his strange elderly neighbor, He awakens on wrong side of the Veil transformed into a mountain lion and thrust into a dangerous world of magic. Does he have what it takes to survive on his own? Or will he be collared by an eager magi?

Thomas must team up with a disgraced Inquisitor and a pyromaniac squirrel to dodge the fate pushed upon him by haughty mages, manipulative union leaders, and violent werewolves. Does Thomas have the will to take control of his life through wit and claw to become the first Freelance Familiar?