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Battling death is part of every paramedic’s job, but it’s not usually this literal.
The call’s already high stakes: a woman’s been stabbed in the stomach with an ancient blade; getting pulled into the underworld adds to the difficultly. We must keep our patient alive and find a way out of this Twilight between life and death, or we’ll never leave.  If I have to make a deal a moon goddess so be it…

Rudy & the Crocodile

What’s a squirrel to do while the Puma’s away? Pester a crocodile as they sniff out spies of course. An extras chapter from Pride Fall.

Alice’s Ambush

Catch up with Alice, Vegas’ speediest cow, and her sword-wielding magus, Grace, as they take on another mission to test their skills. An extras chapter from Pride Fall.

The second solo story. A slice of life from when Rudy was camped in Thomas’s backyard waiting for him to Awaken. He finds himself in need of wheels (and steals them from Thomas).

Rudy’s solo Novella. Takes place between Freelance Familiars Books one and two.